Super Lipotropics Injections

Feeling like you could use more energy? Looking for a new way to improve your health or lose weight?

B12 helps with the formation of new cells in your body. Energy levels are increased, which helps you participate in more activities including exercise.

The Lipotropic and B12 injections for weight loss are a "vitamin cocktail" that combine essential amino acids including Methionine, Choline, Inositol and B12. Methionine helps prevent fat buildup and relieves fatigue. Choline helps the liver process excess waste by moving fat and cholesterol. Inositol helps the metabolism while working with serotonin to keep your appetite under control.

*If you have a sulfa allergy, do not take this injection.


About Our Services

Any amount of weight gain is difficult to reverse. Now there is a research based, physician monitored alternative to the traditional weight loss programs. Scale Solutions, Savannah's premiere weight loss practice offers prescription appetite suppressants for the purpose of limiting hunger while losing weight. In addition to offering medicine, Scale Solutions will provide you with regular body fat analysis, nutritional counseling, nutritional supplements, and a research based weight loss program that his highly effective. Patients choosing to become a part of our program can expect to lose their weight safely and consistently. Scale Solutions is providing physicians weight loss in Savannah, Pooler, Hinesville, Richmond Hill, Statesboro and Bluffton, SC. 

Medical Weight Loss

This program is devised for the patient who wants to lose any amount of weight. Prescription appetite suppressants will be prescribed by Dr. Gates or a licensed provider which will alleviate "the munchies." These medicines have been scientifically proven to be effective and are administered to each patient on site. In addition to the medicine, each patient will be placed on a diet and exercise program created and managed by Dr. Gates and specifically tailored for each unique person. Three different medications are available for use in our programs. Often patients have tried some form of these medications with other practices and left frustrated by side effects or lack of results. Again, our programs are tailored to the individual patient. Medications may be switched or dosages may increase or decrease, based on your needs. No matter which appetite suppressant you take, the price is the same for each person. We also offer excellent nutritional products.