Frequently asked questions

Is your program effective?

Not only is our program effective, it is research proven. You will lose weight on our program safely and consistently. We offer individualized weight loss plans.

Will I have to change my lifestyle?

Research shows that lifestyle changes are necessary for both weight loss AND maintenance of weight loss. We at Scale Solutions want you to not only take the weight off, we want you to keep it off, so yes, some lifestyle changes will probably need to happen. Part of your initial visit with Dr. Gates will include a thorough lifestyle assessment. He will discuss with you ways to make small changes that fit in with your busy lifestyle. You will be on a weight loss diet.

What does your weight loss program consist of?

Dr. Gates uses appetite suppressants to decrease your desire for food and also boost your metabolism. We do everything we can to help you to lose weight without being hungry! We also offer high quality foods sold only in physicians’ offices which can help you to maximize your weight loss if you choose to use them. Dr. Gates will also discuss an exercise program with you. He works hard to accommodate the busy lifestyle (most of our patients primarily choose to walk during short breaks) and to help you achieve a healthy weight loss.

What medications do you use?

We use three different medications: Phintermine, Phendimetrazine, and Diethylpropion.

How much does the program cost?

Please call us for exact fees. Our fees are competitive and cover the physician visit, books and materials, and your medication. You are not required to purchase any food to complete our program. Dr. Gates wants you to lose weight and keep it off while eating your own food in order to achieve long-term success.

What results can I expect?

Depending on which program you choose, you can expect to lose 8-18 pounds each month. The first month you will see very quick results. The following months, we help you to maintain a steady weight loss, usually of 1-3 pounds per week.

Who supervises this program?

Dr. Gates will create and manage your weight loss program. He is a medical doctor (MD) with significant experience in the area of weight loss. He is also a board certified Emergency Medical Physician.

What happens if I need to come back to Scale Solutions in a few years? Would I have to start over again?

Once you have completed your new patient visit, you are always considered a return patient. No matter how long its been since you've been to Scale Solutions, we put you right back on our schedule as a follow-up visit.